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Bryan Montesano, 4 years ago
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Back in December I got the opportunity to interview rising Houston hip-hop artist, Frank Loot. With his next project Will Of Fortune expected to drop sometime this month, Frank and I talked about everything from how he got into music, to what we can expect to hear from him this year, and even who some of his own favorite artists are. Check out the full exclusive interview below and be sure to keep up with all things Frank Loot by following him on Twitter, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

Bryan: What was your early life like and how did you get into music?

Frank: Early life, me and my mother, we were actually staying with my Aunt and my older cousins and it already was to the point where it was my CD’s and I already indulged in the culture. And I was still you know, young but I always had an interest in rapping and being an entertainer. My cousins, they always had the latest CD’s and all of that and thats when I started looking into Biggie Smalls and seeing how he carried himself being a big dude and how he, know what I’m saying, approached the mic. Just seeing how Master P bossed up in the early 90’s, and seeing that these people were making it from where I was from and making their dreams come true. They were running companies, bossin up, so you know that was my first real taste in the culture. When I see like Big and Master P , guys like that doing it on a big level, it was just seeing guys coming from the same places I came from, so that’s how it was.

Bryan: I actually did read that you were heavily influenced by Biggie Smalls. Do you remember the first track you heard from him?

Frank: Yeah, it was actually “Juicy” bro. Just seeing him on the porch with the leather jersey and the leather couch giving orders. I was like man, who is this dude? And he was big, so it made me feel comfortable in my skin and gave me confidence. You usually see just regular sized guys doing their thing with their shirt off, but this was a big dude, shirt off, in the jacuzzi, with all the girls, and he was one of the illest. So that really gave me motivation. Like “Okay. They can’t box you in for how you look or where you’re from. This culture’s for everybody. Everybody can capitalize, everybody can play their part”. So he really gave me that confidence like big dude, small dude, whatever it is, you can bring it to the table, so Big really gave me that confidence.

Bryan: I wanted to ask, I know you did go to college for a little while, but ultimately your rap career was where your passion was at, so I wanted to ask you, do you remember a time where you realized that college wasn’t for you?

Frank: Yeah, we got kicked out of college. It just wasn’t meant to be, cause we got kicked out. We were doing silly, stupid things, adding up warrants know what I’m saying, trying to be big shots, and they actually kicked us out of college, me and my friend.

Bryan: Sometimes they say things happen for a reason. Do you believe that this happened for a reason?

Frank: Oh, for sure. I know it happened for a reason. I was finally taking music serious and finally going all in, so I definitely think so.

Bryan: How would you describe Frank Loot to those who aren’t familiar with you or your music?

Frank: Oh Frank Loot? If you’re not familiar with me, I’m just a big homie from Houston. Like, if you’re from anywhere in the world, any state, anywhere, when you think about coming to Houston, I wanna be that person that’s the first call in your call log. Like “You know what man, I’m in Houston, I gotta call my boy Frank Loot, cause I know he’s going to be into whatever I’m trying to get into”. So you know for the the whole music business, the whole music world, “that’s my big homie from Houston”.

Bryan: Never been able to get out to Houston but I have been to Dallas. I’m a big Cowboy fan and I’m from New Jersey, so all of these people around me are Giants or Jets fans so I’m not really in the best area, but I love my Cowboys.

Frank: Oh man, I love the Cowboys too man. Great to meet another Cowboy fan.

Bryan: It is man! It’s family!  My dad took me out for a game and when I was out there I thought to myself “I’m home”.

Frank: America’s team man, no matter where you from.

Bryan: You have a project slated to drop in January called Will Of Fortune. Can you tell me a little about what went into the process of creating this one and how it differs from what you’ve made in the past?

Frank: My first music child was G-Mail, that was more tailored toward the streets. I felt like to build trust I had to start my foundation from where I came from, so I gave that to the streets. Will Of Fortune is more personal, it took a little bit longer to make because I wanted a few songs on there to be tailor made just from the super super events of my life. I wanted it to be like, you know if you were hanging out with me and we talked it up for a good hour, Like you know “what’s going on with you, what have you been up to this past year?”, and that’s Will Of Fortune. It’s way more personal than G-Mail. G-Mail was the soundtrack to go and get it and Will Of Fortune was more of a musical handshake, like a dap, saying “How you doing? What’s up, I’m Frank. This is what I’m about, and this is what you can look forward to”.

Bryan: When you’re making your music, what do you look for in beat selection that helps you decide what you want to spit over?

Frank: When I hit a beat, if it automatically strikes an emotion, I know the song is gonna be dope. If I hit a beat and it takes me somewhere in my life, or takes me to a specific situation, or a specific person, to a specific conversation, the song is pretty much wrote in like 15-20 minutes after that. So it’s all about the initial energy I get from the beat. So as soon as the beat comes on whether it’s an ill bass line, or the snare, if anything clicks, and if I can draw to a specific situation and I can automatically see how I want the track to form out, if I feel some type of way, the song will be done in 15 minutes tops.

Bryan: I know life sometimes can be filled with some unexpected challenges. Has there ever been a time where you’ve doubted yourself and your music, and if so, how do you get through it?

Frank: Truthfully bro, with the pace that music comes out bro, there’s a time where mentally I’m sitting in the corner doing that daily bro. If I just feel like things are just not moving at the pace I want them to move, you know that’s like a daily thought. But what keeps me going is when I hear a new beat, I play my record, or a random tweet comes in like “Super excited to get on the phone with Frank Loot”.  I could be in the dumps thinking about the climb to the top, and then I get a tweet like that, like stuff like that picks me back up. But it happens daily bro, it’s a daily struggle. And I’m pretty sure if you ask any artist, that given where they want to be or where they want to be and still progressing, they’ll tell you the same thing, it’s a daily struggle. Like that thought crosses my mind daily, but I have to fight that battle daily. Because that’s the only way I’m going to stay sane and keep the train on track.

Bryan: I think people would be lying if they said they didn’t doubt themselves. I mean, we live in a world now where you always have to be on your game, you can’t slip up. You see viral videos popping up every day and something new is gonna be popping tomorrow and next week, so it can be hard to really stay with the times. But, when you’re really passionate about something, you’re not going to let those little doubts take you away from your dream, and I think that’s really what separates the men from the boys. 

Frank: That’s so true bro. But like you said, if anybody says that thought doesn’t cross their mind, that’s bogus bro. Every day, it’s a constant battle. There’s a new star every day that you feel you should swap places with but it’s like, if you don’t have that definitive focus, you’ll get swallowed up because it’s the microwave era man. You have to stay with the times and just keep trucking.

Bryan: On a more positive note, 2015 has been a pretty big year for hip-hop. I want to know, who’ve you been rocking with this year?

Frank: This year, I’ve been kind of going left field this year, I’ve been listening to Adele a lot, out of the blue, I don’t know why.. she’s dope. I’ve been on Travis Scott of course, he’s from Houston, doing it for the city. Uh, who else? Oh, Bryson Tiller, I’ve been on that, of course I’ve been on the Future, the Drake,  all the top stuff. But a little bit more underground, I would say….I’ve been listening to a lot of Soulja Boy, I’m a Soulja Boy fan, as crazy as that sounds, uh Skippa Da Flippa, and I’ve been on a lot of Young Thug too.

Bryan: If you could go on tour right now and you could bring anyone, who would you bring to create a lit tour?

Frank: Oh that’s easy, it would be all Houston, and it would be all the legends from H-Town. I would want to bring out all the legends, and then end with maybe like 15-20 minutes of my stuff. But just bring them all out one by one, from Bun B, to Thug, to Paul Wall, Chamillionare, Mike Jones, Lil Flip, I would do the whole Houston tour. Everything just real like organic, it’s like back in the day, just straight kill it, H-Town.

Bryan: I’m sure a lot of people would come out for that, and who’s to say that can’t happen in the future. I recently heard something where it was like “If your dream is big enough for someone to discard it, that’s when you know you’ve got a good dream”. So for someone to be like “nah man, there’s no way”. If you have someone doubting you, that’s how you know you’ve got a good dream.

Frank: Haha yeah, I like that.

Bryan: I know you mentioned Adele, but do you have any musical guilty pleasures? Something you wouldn’t play in your car but maybe bump on your own?

Frank: I think I led off with Adele, but Adele’s so poppin you might just be another dude in traffic jamming that. Uh, guilty pleasure, what would I say? I would probably jam The Weeknd at the crib, but I don’t want to get caught in traffic with The Weeknd blasting, he’s hella dope, but that’s kinda one of my.. you know, kinda lowkey. When I’m by myself or with my chick, but not in traffic.

Bryan: If you could pick one song to showcase Frank Loot, for some prospective fans, what song would you play for them?

Frank: It’d probably be my intro, it’s called “Gorilla Nuts”   That’s just my mentality on how I’m gonna take the game, my mentality when I walk in the room man, like do you, let it hang out, walk in the room, bang your chest a few times and let everybody know like”Ay yo, I’m here and I’m here to stay, I’m staking claim on your iPod’s, on your playlists, everything. Even if you still burn CD’s, I want two tracks on your mixtape, everything”.

Bryan: Well, we had some cool conversation going man. We’re all very excited for Will Of Fortune to drop, so thank you for talking with us here at NewSickMusic and we look forward to talking again with you soon.

Frank: Appreciate it Bryan, just want to thank NewSickMusic for the opportunity and the platform. Keep your head on a swivel for Will Of Fortune, coming soon.

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