Nick Carter Green- Sex Song

Megan Berberich, 5 years ago
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Cause I’m that one
That you been calling
You been needing
You been feining
In the dark of the night

Chicago native Nick Carter Green lets his music speak for itself. You may have guessed by the forward name, and you’re right. “Sex Song” will make you want to head straight for the bedroom. It’s sexy, sensual and seductive. Green croons, ” don’t wanna call this a sex song,” but as you listen to his silky voice, you’ll know what’s about to go down.

Green is a multifaceted artist who strives to make each of his songs stand out from the previous. He has a strong R&B presence but don’t be surprised to hear him shoot off a couple of verses every now and then. Listen to “Nineteen” and you’ll see what we mean. Speaking of multifacted, “Sex Song” really shows off his appreciation of all genres of music by dropping a sick guitar solo (via Sam Mitchem) in the last couple of minutes.

We’re looking forward to another album from Green in the future. Let us know what you think of “Sex Song,” below.

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