Nick Lamb – “Gettin’ High Off You”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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When you look at the music and musicians that Nick Lamb cites as influences, it becomes clear that he has a passionate love for music as an art form. His taste is varied, his appreciation loud. This enthusiasm carries through to the music he creates.

His single, “Gettin’ High Off You”, is an industrious love song to his wife in the context of a rock’n’roll lifestyle. The song jumps right into it, putting a punk-like emphasis on the energy of the vocals, but then teasing — and later indulging — in a heated guitar solo. Described on SoundCloud with the simple sentence “Cool party guy falls in love”, it becomes clear that straightforwardness is not something that Nick Lamb struggles with in his music.

His other single, “Simple Man”, also has a forthright take on love. It deals with the relatable and endlessly important matter of recognizing that love rises above money and material things. Lamb takes this theme and places it against a more complex acoustic melody. The song is sweet in every way. Taken together, these tracks showcase Lamb’s ability to be both the cool party guy and the romantic, candid gentleman.

Nick Lamb has been steadily releasing music on SoundCloud, so be sure to check that out, as well as follow him on his Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter page.

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