Night Lovell – ‘Red Teenage Melody’ [ALBUM]

Braden Young, 4 years ago
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Night Lovell‘s follow-up to the eye-opening Concept Vague was released late Monday night.

Previewed with the likes of “Contraband” and “Louis V,” Red Teenage Melody comes highly-anticipated in the underground scene, with the Ottawa-native quickly gaining in notoriety of late. Lovell stays true to form throughout these 14 tracks, embracing his “dark” style, intertwined with catchy hooks and hard beats.

Night Lovell is quickly putting Canada’s capital on the map, representing the city with a sound that any Ottawa hip-hop fan can get behind. If this project is your Night Lovell-introduction, what did you think? Does he have something here? If you like what you hear, be sure to check out 2014’s Concept Vague and follow the come-up.

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