[NSM Premiere] CADO – “A:M” Ft. Eventide

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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“How much longer till the sunrise?” asks CADO, the name for the rapper and producer duo hailing from Boston, with a smoothness that warms you from the inside. CADO’s new track “A:M”, which features Eventide, is full of cultural references and a self-awareness of the moment we exist in. CADO create a soundtrack for the poignancy but beauty of being alive right now.

Over the past two years CADO have been building their fanbase and working hard in anticipation of their upcoming project FREE WIFI. Their blend of atmospheric and layered sounds (as found on their SoundCloud page) serves to prove the talent here, and hints at what is to come.

With depth of theme juxtaposed with references to Kanye and Snapchat, the rap strikes nerves at all the right moments. “I ain’t seen enough. I ain’t, I ain’t seen enough,” the track repeats. We have a feeling that CADO are going to be seeing a lot more as they inevitably grow more successful.

To keep up with CADO as we await FREE WIFI, check them out on Facebook, SoundCloud, and their website.


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