NSM Premiere: Tobilla- French Vanilla Tea (prod. K N X W N)

Megan Berberich, 5 years ago
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I just be rolling// there’s no controlling

I don’t care how you feel right now// finna kill right now // that’s just emotion and you should know this

Tobilla is a 19 year old independent artist and producer hailing from Columbus, OH who is making waves in the scene.
After recently releasing his debut EP “Tobilla, Truly Yours” two weeks ago, he has kept grinding. While releasing “Nervous” and now “French Vanilla Tea,” he prepares to work on his debut album set for release sometime this year.

Tobilla is no stranger to the NSM family and that’s no accident. You can see a tangible progression in each song he creates. “French Vanilla Tea” is his most sophisticated work yet. Produced by K N X W N, the mood conveyed is super funky and lends itself to an automatic head bob upon first listen.

In “French Vanilla Tea,” Tobilla talks about grinding and not letting haters (and even parents) get in the way of his goals. Between a captivating hook, relatable lyrics and a soothing beat, “French Vanilla Tea,” is a win.

‘French Vanilla Tea’ according to Tobilla: “I went to this hookah bar with a friend and we had a really deep conversation about life, love, and the paths that we want to take artistically and musically. That one talk inspired me to do “Nervous” and “French Vanilla Tea”. With “nervous” being the majority of the talk, I made the other song and named it “French Vanilla Tea” because I felt the same energy making the song as I did when having the conversation but I didn’t have a name for the song yet….sooo I named it “French Vanilla Tea” because that’s what we were drinking while having the conversation.”

To hear more from Tobilla check out his SoundCloud and let us know what you think of his single, below.


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