Nuke The Soup – “Network” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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You have to love a song that makes a blatant critique of the problems in our society, but does so with a catchy, surfy guitar line that’s bound to be bouncing around in your head for the foreseeable future. This is the juxtaposition that Nuke the Soup bring with “Network”, the first single off their equally as thoughtful (and aptly titled) album Deeper, which focuses on mortality and all of the complex concepts that come with it.

Bringing a heavy dose of groove, Nuke the Soup launch into the percussion-forward melodic jam that evokes Fastball, although the content here is thoroughly of-the-moment. The lyrics come straight from the perspective of a newscaster, making the concept for the video a straightforward match. We join “the network that’s bringing you the war” as Mark Davison is backlit and placed in front of the screens that show violence, meant to absorb it and find the profit. There are cuts to Nuke the Soup’s keyboardist and vocalist Brian Simms as he appears in over his head as a field reporter. It’s all starkly familiar.

“The Network” plays on the line between comedy and tragedy, matching the feelings that many people have every time we turn on the news. Nuke the Soup have their finger on the pulse, a true observant nature — but they aren’t interested in playing “neutral”. Pay attention, this is a band with something to say.

To hear more from Nuke The Soup, you can find them on their website and Facebook page. You can also find them on iTunes and follow them on Twitter.

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