NYDTyson – If You’re So Smart, Why Are You So Sad? (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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An easter egg hunt, a flourish of unconventional percussion, fuzzy-to-crooning vocals, and some straight-up rock and roll vibes: everything about NYDTyson’s latest EP, If You’re So Smart, Why Are You So Sad? makes it fun to listen to. Listen once for the sonic adventures, then listen again to find the hidden eggs (and maybe even to worship them).

From the minimal and almost experimental opening of “Egg” to the big and fuzzed-out “yeah”s of “What Did You Say?”, NYDTyson immediately showcase their range, but never lose grip on their love of strong hooks. Even when they choose to take it slow, their attention to melody keeps them buoyant: the poignant and atmospheric “Who Cares?” proves that this indie-rock outfit isn’t above some soul-searching.

The way that the individual pieces flow and bend into each other is what keeps the specificity alive on If You’re So Smart, Why Are You So Sad?. The bass rumble and flow on “Who Cares?” or the snap of the snare on “I Think We Both Know” keep the lofty songs grounded, while the electric guitar that squeals its way into the final third of “Neanderthal” before the track drops into chatter and a demonic voice keeps the shifting song connected. Through the playfulness with form, NYDTyson keeps us hooked and bound alongside them for the ride by specificity. It’s almost tactical, and wonderfully effective.

To hear more from NYDTyson, you can find them on their website, Facebook, and SoundCloud page. You can also find their music on Bandcamp.

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