The Odds x Bronze Whale – “Best”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Bringing EDM with deep-rooted soul to the table, The Odds and Bronze Whale‘s first single off their upcoming collaborative EP is bone-meltingly chill. It’s difficult to imagine a release like “Best” coming at a better time, with a clear struggle in the lyrics and digital beats that become fragmented as tensions rise; introducing stress, only to give way to a delicate melody. A deep breath.

Bronze Whale is the electric, Austin-based duo Jaques and Benny, while The Odds creates music more within the rock and soul spheres. Though both soul and electronic influences are clear in “Best”, the track seems to transcend genre specification and invites the listener to just feel.

The Odds and Bronze Whale’s EP, Million, debuted on October 18th. You can hear more from the artists on their Magic Magic Collective Soundcloud and Facebook pages. You can also find The Odds on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter, and Bronze Whale on their website, Soundcloud, and Facebook.


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