OG Maco- “I Made This Shit Before U Guessed It” Mixtape

Braden Young, 4 years ago
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With an apparent back catalogue of music prior to blowing up, OG Maco has released I Made This Shit Before “U Guessed It.” Pretty self-explanatory, the project consists of singles recorded by OG Maco prior to the release of “U Guessed It,” one of hip-hop’s hottest songs of 2014.

Via Soundcloud, “I made this shitin the spring and summer before U Guessed It and before U Guessed It blew.
All this shit came from my living room.
Shouts to Archibald Slim of Awful Records”

This is already OG Maco’s second project of 2015 to be released, after dropping a collaborative EP with Rome Fortune titled Yep.

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