Olive – “Senseless” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Perth musician Olive dropped her debut single “Changing the World” on Earth Day 2017, creating a track calling on community to work for change. For her new track, “Senseless”, she takes a more internal approach, diving into something darker: heartbreak and loss. Olive proves that no matter what the mood, she can have you wrapped around her melodies.

The clip for “Senseless” pushes and pulls at the heaviness of the song, showing Olive dressed for a funeral and meandering through green lawns while holding red roses. The aesthetic of the costumes — and later of the vehicle she rides in — is timeless vintage and it suits the tone. Her delicate soprano mixes and elevates the stout percussion. Though the subject matter is melancholic, Olive never lets go of her confidence and strength.

As the strings swing the track and slide for emotional effect, we learn that the Olive in the video is mourning her lost love, and after she places her roses on the grave, the video lingers on her face, relating the humanity behind loss.

To hear more from Olive, you can find her on her  SoundCloud and Facebook page.

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