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Katie Puccio, 4 years ago
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There are few things I love more than clever wordplay, therefore I was instantly drawn to the new single “Oracle” by Australian duo, Chymes, which features chime-like synths in the repetitive accompaniment found throughout the track. Chymes is a brand new, or at least new to the internet, duo that has received positive feedback from pretty much everyone who has heard their track, which has only been up for 11 days. When I first heard the song, they hadn’t even made a Twitter profile yet. It’s pretty phenomenal how such a distinct sound was produced with such anonymity, although I doubt it will stay that way for long at the rate they’re going.

“Oracle” is one of those songs that gets better and more complex with each listen. It’s a pretty short track, only 2:53, and it doesn’t give a ton upon the first listen. But, with each subsequent listening, I kept hearing and finding more within the music that drew me in deeper. The female half of the duo, Kiersten Nyman, has a haunting straight tone that cuts right down into your soul and opens you up to the emotional center of where the song is going. This is offset nicely by her male counterpart, Cameron Taylor, and his slightly warmer timbre. They sing in unison in octaves for most of the song, but in the hook before the second chorus, he splits off into a pleasant harmony that compliments well, but doesn’t take away from the sharpness of the main melodic line. The duo sings about being lost in space, which is well represented by the music. They have this wistful melody together, accompanied by a relatively simple backing with a repetitive beat pattern. It gives the listener the sense that they, too, are “lost in the space with no trace.”

According to their social profiles, Chymes has been writing and working on more new music, so there is definitely more to come from these Aussies. For now, if you want to listen to this song on repeat as I am, check out their SoundCloud for a free download of “Oracle”. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and now, Twitter.

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