Oylo ft. Dawson & Kolada – “Idle Hour”

Paula Truscott, 5 years ago
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From my temporary desk in the chaotic concrete jungle that is Manila, I sit here enjoying an Idle Hour daydreaming of island times to come. The Oylo track is well suited to dreamy days or intimate island times, since it’s super chill from the get-go. The beats are sweet and simple, with a minimal structure offset by vocals from a dude called Dawson. The track remains beautifully bare until about the 1:30 mark, when some bassier beats kick in as well as the gorgeous, girly voice of Kolada. The three artists come together at this point, with Oylo and Kolada both showcasing their skills, while Dawson’s “I need your lovin” resounds all the while.

Stumbling upon a song that hits me right in the feels from 3 artists I’d never heard before is the reason why I love Soundcloud. And procrastinating. Listen to more melodies from Oylo, or revisit the voices of Dawson or Kolada before you get back to what you were supposed to be doing.

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