Papi Shiitake bring chilled out humour to the forefront with the clip for “Enjoy the View”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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“See I’m not lazy, I just love to waste my day,” begins Papi Shiitake’s “Enjoy the View”. “I wish that all the world would see it more that way.” With a jam this chill, the world just might jump on board.

Papi Shiitake is the project of Young Tuxx (known also for his work as the frontman of Brooklyn band Best Behaviour) and Ryan Sieloff, who brings the retro jangly vibes of the West to the table. “Enjoy the View” is an optimistic blend of unruffled vocals, a steady rhythm, and guitars that sound like sunshine. Talk about form matching content: both the music and the lyrics work to dissolve stress. 

The video manages to keep this vibe while also developing a storyline. As we know, every good story needs conflict, and the heart of the plot here is the need to make rent. Young Tuxx and his buddy Lil Tuxx are on it. The human-puppet duo consult with Ryan Sieloff’s book of pyramid schemes, try out food delivery, and even start an “OnlyFrens” account before discovering their true purpose: influencing the world into peace. True to themselves, this feat comes with a few slick dance moves. 

While keeping up an air of effortlessness, Papi Shiitake manage to critique the current gig economy, delve into the psyche of those of us in a current moment of waiting for our days to start up again, and strive for peace-through-positivity. “Enjoy the View” is an integral sentiment for the current age, and certainly brings light to the day. You can listen to this track as part of the new EP, Quarantine Dream.

To hear more from Papi Shiitake, you can find them on their Instagram and listen to their EP Quarantine Dream on Spotify. You can also follow the project on Twitter for more music and news.

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