Peep up-and-coming talent in the “New Philly” Cypher

Megan Berberich, 4 years ago
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HomeGrownPhilly, a group who runs on the motto, ‘live local. local love.,’ just released a nine-minute cypher,  showcasing new artists on the rise.

The cypher hosted by Mike Miller, as well as the HGP Collective as a whole, is designed to give a new look to talented artists in Philadelphia who lack a proper platform. Participating artists in this cypher are Wiggz, Scottie Kash, A-Rob, JizzaRaw, Swami Mags, and OneTakeDave. The beat was produced by Foozy. Video was filmed at Rotation Records by Plum Creek Production.

Throughout the cypher, listeners really get a taste of each artist’s individual style. One right after the other, the guys step up to the mic and spit their freestyle. Wiggz shows off his creative lyricism, A-Rob delivers his smooth rhymes with a fresh cadence, Scottie Kash drops his clever use of pop culture references, JizzaRaw comes in with that low (almost gravelly) voice and Kendrick-style delivery, Swami Mags brings honesty and bluntness while OneTakeDave rounds it out with lots of charisma.

Host, Mike Miller rounds out the cypher  by taking control of the flow, slowing it down a bit,  not and letting the beat control him.

To keep up with these artists and the movement, follow HomeGrownPhilly on Twitter.




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