Pete Mancini – “Pine Box Derby” (Single)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Time is a tricky thing. For all that we want to see it as linear, we can be thrown back at the simplest things. For Pete Mancini, it was going for a walk during a difficult time and stumbling on the church where he used to attend Tiger Scout meetings. Reverie took over and he was sent into a glimmering moment of success — when he won the Pine Box Derby.

“Pine Box Derby” is candid from the start, with a count-in before a simple acoustic guitar riff begins. Soon enough, Mancini’s vocals start telling a story. Present struggles are juxtaposed over past joys and speculations laid bare. “Pine Box Derby” takes flight when Cassandra House joins in for an intoxicating harmony. The song is loaded with sentimentality, but finds a universality in the concrete details, the feelings of moving on, the reflective instances where the future (and the loss of the future you thought you would have) come crashing against the reality of the present.

“Pine Box Derby” is the first of three singles from Pete Mancini’s upcoming sophomore album, set to be released in 2019. To keep up with Mancini, you can find him on his website and Facebook page. You can also find him on Twitter.

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