.Peter $un – “.VIBES”

Natalie Barman, 3 years ago
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Richmond’s .Peter $un is a master of the eclectic rap track. His versatile flow, expressionist cover art and unusual beats set him apart from other MCs battling their way to the top. He effortlessly merges different elements of hip-hop into his songs, creating a unique aesthetic that distinguishes him from others in the saturated music industry.

His newest release, “.VIBES,” is a prime example of .Peter’s diverse musical taste. The Virginia artist begins with slow raps over the relaxed beat–courtesy of FlyBlimp–but soon speeds things up, demonstrating his ability to change up the flow as well as his lyrical precision. He sings the hook at the end, reminding fans that he needs “no bad vibes,” which probably applies not only to his day-to-day life, but also to the competitive industry that he is trying to infiltrate.

Check out .Peter $un on SoundCloud and Twitter to keep up on his latest releases.

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