PicStitch and the Reggaestra – “Don Dadda” + “Ram Dancehall” [Videos]

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 weeks ago
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In just two songs, Pennsylvania’s roots reggae star PicStitch has the ability to showcase a variety of skills. Whether he’s laying down a chilled out, bouncing reggae tune in the studio or telling the harrowing tale of violence while lost in the focus of the song, this is an artist who proves that versatility can be found in any genre. 

PicStitch works with the aptly named Reggaestra to make tunes that linger in your mind.“Don Dadda” begins triumphantly with horns that reoccur throughout. The song hinges on classic themes of love and acceptance while a piano trickles out a catchy, rhythmic beat. The accompanying clip showcases PicStitch’s commitment as we watch him deliver lines into the recording mic and — occasionally — into the camera. By the end, everyone in the studio is chilling and jamming to the tune. Could there be a better indicator that the song is a catch? 

“Ram Dancehall” keeps to the genre but shifts the tone. Here, PicStitch becomes a storyteller. He sits at a card table and drinks as he wisely unfurls the tale. Matching and contrasting the clip for “Don Dadda”, we also see PicStitch in his element in the studio. Only this time, he is so lost to the song that he misses the violent takeover happening in the booth behind him. The bass thrums and and the vocals are paced to create depth, but the song is no less sticky than its upbeat counterpart. 

To hear more from PicStitch, you can find him on his website and on YouTube. You can also follow PicAxe Production on Twitter for more music and news. 

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