PKWY – “Hiding Behind Fine”

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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How are you today?

If you answered “fine,” then stop for a moment and think about it. Fine is vague. Fine is a cover up for real, more complex emotions that make up being human. Fine is something to shield yourself with, and no one knows this better than PKWY, whose new single “Hiding Behind Fine” deals with the complicated nature of fine.

The track is a chill and gentle escapade into electronic beats and lovely flowing vocals, respectively provided by Terracotta Blue (a hip-hop and chillwave producer) and Emily Ehrens (of White Life). PKWY are a DC-area based duo who have one EP out, titled The Fire, which can be found here.

To keep up with PKWY, follow them on Twitter, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp for more music.

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