Pleasantry – Synapses (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Finding the extraordinary within simplicity is a difficult feat to accomplish, but Pleasantry make it seem easy on their debut album, Synapses, which opens with a dreamy vocal-laced track, “Channels”, that gets listeners in the right mood for the oncoming experience.

The second track, titled “Farewell Waltz”, continues this thread but with the addition of a sensory blend of bittersweet strings. Vocalist Samantha Teng’s sheer talent peaks out in a modest showcase, though the feeling that the album is a collaborative effort between all of the members — most of whom are multi-instrumentalists — becomes distinct.

Pleasantry are described as both shoegaze and indie rock, which is made evident in the switch to the rhythmic and fun “False Realities”, then “Habit”. Here, Daniaal Adam’s drum skills are on display. Other highlights of the album include “Owls” (A live performance can be seen here) and the heartbeat shoegaze finish that is “Terminals”.

Having opened for Belle & Sebastian and Caribou, the Singapore band is accustomed to large, fun crowds, and will be making their overseas debut on May 8th in Toronto, Canada. A short American tour will follow. You can keep up with Pleasantry on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and dreamy tunes.


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