Post Death Soundtrack – “Beauty Eyes I Adore (Dark Highway Mix)”

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Post Death Soundtrack are in an exciting time. With their second album out and acclaimed, the band is now releasing a series of remixes. The album is The Unlearning Curve, and the first remix — which you can listen to above — is “Beauty Eyes I Adore (Dark Highway Mix)” which was mixed by Post Death Soundtrack member Jon Ireson.

The mix adds a raw energy in electronic sounds. It’s danceable, and takes the original track’s capacity for bursting into sound with equal surprise and emotional resonance. The track is an album highlight, and the remix brings the strengths to a new level.

The rest of the album dabbles in trip-hop and industrial rock, and has a layer of unified darkness, despite being created from various cities across Canada. “That Which Is” uses chanting and simplicity to build emotion, while “You Can’t Go Back” and “Arrhythmia Dreaming” play with a lack of humanity, the latter almost alien, and satisfying in the way it falls into place. “Little Alice” creates a high-energy shift in the album, which is carefully followed by “Through the Gates” and “Dance with the Devil”, songs that bring something more gentle, more delicate.

“Transform in White Light” concludes the album, and is an overall highlight. There is something, well, light in the track. The band plays with the idea of having fun, having bounce, without losing their trademark edge. It’s an optimistic ending that keeps a listener waiting on more.

To keep up with Post Death Soundtrack, you can follow them on their websiteFacebook page, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

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