Post Death Soundtrack – It Will Come Out of Nowhere (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 11 months ago
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Speaking as someone from Calgary, Canada, I can confirm that the landscape is not the most hospitable during certain times of the year — or for certain genres of music. If you can get your roots in as a “psychedelic industrial doom” project, well, you must have something intoxicating. 

Though Post Death Soundtrack conceived It Will Come Out Of Nowhere in Calgary, the duo has since moved on to make Vancouver their home base. The record is, indeed, something special. Metal slams against haunting rock and you can imagine losing yourself in a live show, if you don’t get lost in the record itself.

While It Will Come Out of Nowhere opens with high, screaming energy, there is a hint of 80s melodies on the synths. Strings on the lead single and album opener “Chosen Sons” bring the track into another world. Samples are peppered in and the song owes something to the dark-wave canon. “Dark Matter” pulls from a rock side, evoking Queens of the Stone Age hooks in the vocal repetitions. It’s haunting, and saves the big-energy explosion for the end. 

Birdsong opens “Ramona Hills”, which opens once more into ambient sounds. It’s a soothing pause, meditational as synths hold notes and expand across senses. “Benediction” follows with an eastern flair of psychedelia and an array of voices. A shift has taken place, proving that Post Death Soundtrack are as versatile as their name suggests. Effects are skillfully utilized in the mesmerizing repetitions and hooks of “Fallout” and the ten-plus minutes of “Bridge Burner” give epic guitar-solo, shouting closure to an album that refuses to sit still.

Post Death Soundtrack won’t allow for easy categorization. After two original albums and a record of remixes, their craft is honed. We can only sit back and wait to see what they throw us headfirst into next.

To hear more from Post Death Soundtrack, you can find them on Spotify, Facebook, and their Website. You can also follow the duo on Twitter.

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