Premiere: Pennan Brae pairs gritty emotions with melodic nostalgia on “The Love That I Got”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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Vancouver’s Pennan Brae was nursing a case of unrequited feelings and playing with guitar riffs when he uncovered what was to become “The Love That I Got”. The melody and conundrum twined to become the driving force on the artist’s favourite track from his latest record, 2 Below 0

“It’s the rock I’m rolling / lone path I’ll be cajoling,” Brae sings in his throaty, gritty style as polished guitars resonate and fuel the song. The lyrics work through a push and pull of one mind to another: an unnamed “you” teeters against the actions of the narrator. The catchy “sha-la-la” refrain slips the song into the past, when buoyant melody was at the heart of rock. 

Grabbing hold of this nod to nostalgia, Rob Fitzgerald of HIP Video Productions worked to find the right imagery for the lyric video. The pair hit the mark with footage from the 1933 Betty Boop clip “Crazy Inventions”. Each image repeats and pops with a timely perfection as the lyrics swirl and take shape, highlighting Brae’s way with words.

To hear more from Pennan Brae, you can find him on his website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also find the artist on Twitter. Stream 2 Below 0 on Spotify and Apple Music.

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