Proud Creature – Opening Creature EP

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 months ago
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Todd Brozman — better known as Proud Creature — is a master of oscillation. The trained jazz pianist has gigged his way around San Francisco, co-wrote and co-produced KYOSi’s “Negative Space”, and writes and produces as half of the electronic improvisational duo Moon Casual. 

But where he really lets things get weird is when he is allowed to roam solo. Proud Creature released his Opening Creature EP on March 16th. The self-produced collection of ambient tracks seems to span universes. Otherworldly noises enter the space of “Major Trouble”, while “Eastern Lines” overlays the sense of a picked up radio transmission from a melodious speaker against a wash of synths. 

“Discovery of the Future” shifts from fairy-light delicateness to something darker and headier, like wandering into a forest and away from daylight. But it’s on “Pines” that Brozman’s jazz background comes in most prominently and with great effect. The synth wanders and percussion lifts the track up. 

For spacious escapism, Proud Creature has invented a world of cinematic movements that shift perspective and create depth. To keep up with the artist, you can find him on his SoundCloud, and Facebook page.

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