Psychocide – Alcohol & Bad Decisions (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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They met in a blur of troublemaking in New York, travelled to San Diego and got into new kinds of trouble, wrote 9 songs, then set out for Los Angeles. If you ignore the basics of geography, it’s fun to believe Psychocide when they say they got lost along the way and wound up in Montreal. After all, getting lost along the way seems par for the course.

If you haven’t clued in yet, Psychocide are the kind of band that make super-fun music for super-fun times. The guitar heavy tracks feature all the old standbys: crazy guitar solos (“Crossing Guard”), a grunge-tinged Nirvana-esque “Hello” repetition (“Brotherman”) and some narrative-type drama that unfolds in spoken words (“Mr. Suit”, “Street Named Desire”). But when they aren’t using these weapons to make songs you want to dance to, they are playing with depth. And still making songs you want to dance to.

Pacing plays a large role in the complexity of Alcohol & Bad Decisions. The slowed-down bridge on “Crazy Janet” is the first rise-above moment on the album, then the up-and-down pace changing on the catchy and piano-hooked “Dear Alice” creates a sense of awe. By the time the frantic vocals on “Paranoia” come in, we are aware of the thoughtfulness of Psychocide. Goldwyn Thandrayen sings “he’s just like me, he keeps running all the time”, and we believe it, and the introspective lyrics that follow.

Psychocide are a band that draw from personal experiences, and they aren’t afraid to experience the world. Though they still have their eyes set on LA, Alcohol & Bad Decisions is proof that Montreal isn’t turning out too poorly for them.

To hear more from Psychocide, find them on their website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page, or follow the band on Twitter.

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