Ptolemea – Maze (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 weeks ago
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Luxembourg-based quintet Ptolemea are here with rising rock anthems to carry you up and out of this world. 

The Maze EP might only be six songs long, but it is brimming with huge choruses and instrumental power, making the collection feel like an experience unto itself. Every song is grand, but the variation comes from pace changes and solo-spotlighting. 

“Time Has Come” grabs the attention with a guitar solo and striking vocal emotion. In fact, Priscila Da Costa’s lead vocals continuously shine through the EP. “Run” is another showcase of nuance and variation. Following the smooth-yet-powerful lead of Da Costa, Christophe Reitz’s electric violin adds depth: notably weaving like a thread of gold on “Would Just Someone Understand”. 

“Isolated” takes a dreamy role in the middle of the EP — a short track with floating vocals and a delicate sense of something haunted, while “I Wish I Could” launches with spectacle into grandiosity and a moment for each instrument to beam. The electric guitar — provided by Remo Cavallini — takes a spotlight here. “Maze” — which you can hear above — is an accumulation of what the band does well: big rock with edgy juxtaposition.

If you’re a fan of rock and roll with a dramatic and emotive spin, Ptolemea are the band for you — and Maze EP is a wonderful showcase of what they can accomplish. To hear more from the band, you can find them on their website, Soundcloud, and Facebook page.

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