RAC and Big Data – “Fair Trade”

Ross Thompson, 5 years ago
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In a move with low risk and very high reward, Big Data and RAC (the now one-man Remix Artist Collective) traded popular singles to reimagine the electronic nuances of each other’s sound. “Dangerous” (ft. Joywave) faces the more drastic change of pace: Pink Feathers collaborates with RAC to bring a down-tempo reinterpretation of the alternative radio chart-topper. The song still maintains the catchy nature of the original and the central break feels even stronger in this edition. “Let Go” (ft. Kele and MNDR) strips the light-hearted sound of the original and introduces a deeper, darker sound alongside Lizy Ryan’s reimagining of the vocals.

The pair of songs come as RAC and Big Data embark on their “Going Our Own Way” tour with Pink Feathers, Filous, and Karl Kling. Catch up with them both on their soundcloud and twitter accounts. Big Data: Twitter, Soundcloud; RAC: Twitter, Soundcloud.

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