Radio On – “You’re Always Right”

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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With deliciously bitter vocals and lurching electronic beats, Radio On capture exactly what is wonderful about the pop music of today in their track, “You’re Always Right”. There is a deep intelligence in lyrics that announce, “I felt like driving, there was nothing else to do. And I felt I was happy, at least I wasn’t unhappy. I was somewhere in between.” It’s near impossible not to immerse yourself in this world-in-a-song that Radio On has created. Behind the pop, though, is juxtaposed a story of a troubled man lamenting the loss of his brother. It’s a brave track, and to dig into it is to become awash with emotions.

The music video for “You’re Always Right” can be found here.

Radio On are currently riding the success of earlier track, “Don’t Wait”which was selected as part of Killing Moon Records New Moons Volume II Compilation“You’re Always Right” is set to be released by the London-based four piece on May 4th, 2015. Keep up with Radio On over on Facebook or their website for more wonderful pop tunes.

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