Ragers – “Cali Shrooms Boom” Ft. Husser

Chris Tanner, 3 years ago
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A group of Montreal dudes — the three guys who form the band Ragers , and rapper Husser — hang out in a misty forest, a tranquil setting for a track about the benefits of Californian psychedelics. At first it looks like the only person whose high has kicked in is the stranger going for a blissed out run amidst the falling leaves, but eventually we see everyone’s face get twisted. “Cali Shrooms Boom” sounds like a refurbished, infinitely more chill take on drum and bass for a new generation: Husser raps about dressing a DiGiornio Pizza with the fungi, while Ragers provide the warped bass line, breakbeats, and shiny guitar lines.

Check out the video above and be sure to follow Ragers on SoundCloud to stay up on all future releases.

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