Raiden & YURI (Girls’ Generation) – “Always Find You”

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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It’s the time of year when winter starts to feel as though it’s dragging its feet. Summer memories feel hazy, the refreshment of spring even more so. Well, allow Raiden and YURI (of Girls’ Generation fame) to walk you back into that mindset. While their infectious brand of pop is effective year-round, the imagery of their video will have you yearning for warmth.

Raiden is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist striving to bridge North American and Asian music through his stunning electro-pop, and “Always Find You”, in all its romanticism, is certainly a success. With YURI’s stunning vocals carrying the track, and her performance in the video lighting up the screen, the track becomes an every-mood success. You can dance to it, let it spice up a party soundtrack, or watch the scenery pass as you listen on a bus. Whatever your mood and wherever you are, the electric hooks and chill vibes of “Always Find You” will adapt to you.

The clip uses pale blues and simple aesthetic choices to welcome us into its hotel world, then spends some time with YURI and her friends by the pool before following them for a night out in the city. All the while, they are together, they are having fun, and they exude all the relaxed and exhilarant emotions of summertime.

Crafted with a sense of affection that carries through and funnels out, Raiden and YURI’s “Always Find You” is the electro-pop jam to get you moving no matter what your mood, and the video will have you optimistic for the warmth that is sure to come.

You can find Raiden on his Facebook page and Twitter and YURI on her Instagram.

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