Raven Felix ft. Ashley Jones – “Little Less Hard” [VIDEO]

Paula Truscott, 5 years ago
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If Wiz Khalifa personally crowns you Lady Taylor, it’s safe to say you’ve earned your stripes. Raven Felix, a 20 year old rapper from San Fernando Valley, or as she affectionately addresses it –Valifornia – draws attention to the extra pressure she faces as a “female spitter” in her track Little Less Hard. And at the risk of going on a hardcore feminist tangent, she makes a valid point when she says “as soon as I touch the microphone it’s a different microscope that I’m under“. With kudos from the likes of Wiz, Snoop Dogg & Problem, Raven’s steadily built up a fair amount of respect from the hip hop world, and luckily for the Latina valleygirl, she’s naturally pretty – making it all (arguably) a little less hard indeed. Produced by Tekneek, the track has that chill, summer’s day in The Valley type vibe, supported by a cruisy chorus from singer/musician Ashley Jones.

Be sure to get Raven in your Soundcloud stream before hitting the play button below.

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