Ray Vans Releases New Single “Escape”

Ryan Pod, 4 months ago
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Debuting on the NSM pages today is the New England native and rapper by the name of Ray Vans. In honor of the great 4/20 holiday, Ray unleashes his brand new single called “Escape.”

Riding the momentum of his recent tour supporting Futuristic and the release of his 2019 album LAZYBOY, Ray looks to continue building momentum throughout the year with singles like “seasonal depression” and escape.”

2020 marks a monumental turning point for the sound of Ray Vans. Influenced by pop-punk giants such as sum 41, and blink 182, Vans looks t to blend more live instrumentation seamlessly with the lyrical prowess that we’ve become accustomed too from him. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the lazy-boy.

During the Covid19 pandemic, we could all use an “escape.” Take a listen below.  

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