Ready, Steady, Die! release video for the lamenting and personal track “Vent”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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The artists behind Ready, Steady, Die! are ready to reveal themselves. With “Vent”, the duo — made up of Sam K. and Morgan Visconti — unleash their steady dark-wave sound and wrap it around a candid, quick melody. For the first time, we see the faces of the artists. 

Sam K.’s sweet vocals are clear in the opening, an invitation to her lament. On screen, she takes to the microphone in sunglasses as an accordion breathes across the divide. The split-screen separation of Covid is present, but the image takes a tone of confessional rather than making-do. 

Of course, the British-American duo have been working with space between them for years. The weight of the pandemic falls more on the anxious content, the slithering reclusion, and the claustrophobic noir quality to the aesthetic. 

Slowly, we see Sam K. lounge as adjustments are made on a soundboard. Emotion is never far from craft, and movement comes from technicality. Most of the shots are filmed at close range: another layer of intimacy from the band who are at their most accessible here, and silent drops impend lushness. Black and white footage showcases all aspects of subtlety and corresponds to the timelessness of the melody — as well as nods to the band’s nostalgic inspirations.

“Vent” comes from Ready, Steady, Die!’s debut album Pleasure Ride. You can find more from the band on their SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram page. You can also find our past coverage here.

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