Red Skies Mourning push heavy and find rock solace in debut single “Signs From You”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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TW: Mentions of suicide and PTSD.  

The story behind Red Skies Mourning’s debut single “Signs From You” is an undoubtedly heavy thing — but sometimes it is the heavy things that we need to hold onto. 

Chris Aleshire is a US Marine Corps Veteran and now works as an engineer when he isn’t crafting rock tunes. When the daughter of a coworker went missing and was later found having died by suicide, Aleshire was moved by the way her father recalled seeing signs on the day she went missing — and the signs he has seen since. 

There are questions of what could have been within the song, but ultimately, there is a sense that nothing we love is gone forever. As a veteran, Aleshire also hopes to bring awareness of PTSD in its many forms. The human mind in turmoil is an unwieldy thing — we cope in whatever ways we can. 

The song is anthemic in scope and carries the vocal hooks with the unwavering emotion of the artist. Aleshire’s past hardcore rock experiences is softened and made more accessible. The guitar bursts forth with enough power to be both urgent and reflective — a match for the content.

“Signs From You” comes off the Misguided by Fate EP, to be released in 2021. To keep up with Red Skies Mourning, you can find the project on the website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow Red Skies Mourning on Twitter for more news.

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