Reflexson – It’s Broken (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
EP & Mixtapes ,

We’re back in the liminal space between Christmas and the New Year — the space between holidays when real life is peeking at you from around the corner, but you certainly aren’t ready to let it back in. It’s a good time for an immersion, and Reflexson‘s EP It’s Broken is a perfect (and glitchy) escape from the emotions of reality.

The album takes the sounds of computers and meshes them together for melody and complex beats. The beeping that rises above the techno edge of “Disconnected” brings with it a movement that is sure to get into your muscles. The concreteness of the technology at play can fill a room. “Hammered Down” plays in the same glitched out territory, but puts more emphasis on melody and space. “Frame Break” reflects “Disconnected” with sampled language-less voices merging with the electronic sounds. It’s a jarring, but pleasant, escape into a multi-layered soundscape.

While the glitchier moments strike as the most innovative, Reflexson also lands his explorations into ambiance. “Shattered” is a song full of warmth and creates gentler washes of sound to build mood. The more organic character is complimented by a smoothness that makes other appearances (notably on the sweet and melodious “Knocktover”) and brings a humanity to this digital world. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the space, because reality is coming and it’s time to get prepared.

It’s Broken is Reflexson’s first digital release. To hear more from the artist, you can find him on his Bandcamp page, SoundCloud, or Facebook page

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