Resurrection Fern – “Coffee”

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 months ago
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Last month, we shared Resurrection Fern’s soulful and clear “Savanna” and introduced to New Sick Music an artist who knows the importance of moving with the times. 

As a Twitch Partner, Resurrection Fern is one of the 1.2% of content creators on the website, which she uses as her primary platform for sharing music. Sharing herself and finding direct access to her fans has allowed the artist to crowd-fund two releases: October 2018’s Beyond the Trees, and her forthcoming release which will include both “Savanna” and “Coffee”. 

The second single, which you can hear above via the lyric video, showcases once again the clarity and control that is embedded in Fern’s vocals. The acoustic guitar underneath layers a sense of smoothness, though the emotions are weighty in the cusp of her voice. 

Coffee can be such a simple pleasure, but the lyrics convey a love anything but easy. There is self-searching, the struggle to be the best version of yourself, and the desire for someone else to give some sign of whether the track you are on is the right one. Coffee, for its part, is only the instigator of the deeper conversation. 

To hear more from Resurrection Fern as we await her album, find her on Twitch, Youtube, and on her Official Website. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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