RIZ LA VIE – “found.”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 2 years ago
EP & Mixtapes ,

Around a month ago, RIZ LA VIE dropped what has been one of my favorite projects of the year, his EP, “found.” Flash back to around 3 years ago and he was playing shows with the likes of Chris Webby, and Shwayze amongst others. It seemed as if he would be the next to blow, and then there was nothing, or so it seemed. RIZ would undergo a rebranding to develop and find his sound. Over the last year, he was constantly teasing new music by providing pictures of him in the studio and snippets of new music.

Well after much waiting, “found” is here. To say this project is great, is a complete understatement. The sound is so fresh, and original and that just adds to why it has been in my playlist for the last month. RIZ balances singing and rapping, and provides us with 5 tracks that I cannot get out of my head. Stream “found” now, and hear what you have been missing!

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