Rob Alexander – Being Myself (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 months ago
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South Florida-based musician Rob Alexander is bringing nostalgic sounds into the present tense. 70s riffs, 80s grandiosity, and contemporary funk each take their turn on Being Myself, Rob Alexander’s latest offering. 

Packed with fifteen songs, the record might feel lengthy if it wasn’t so genre-diverse. Most of the tracks are bouncy — from the celebratory rock-romp of “We Own This Town Tonight” to the lighthearted and ultra-catchy “We’re Living In A Dream”. Whether he’s crooning a love ballad (“Never Gonna Let You Go”), or defining his own identity (the titular “Being Myself”), the record is tethered by the vocal-forward production and Alexander’s own passionate delivery. 

The shining moments come when the instrumentation is given equal ground with the vocals. “Our Love Will Last Forever” shifts into something that at first is befitting of an opera for all the orchestral swells, but picks up with percussion. “Secrets & Lies” lets the synth have a moment with a straight-outta-the-80s New Wave sound. But the track that lingers longest is “I-O-U”. The bass pulses and the guitars dance around it, and just when you’re feeling comfortable, the pace shifts. 

Even with the exploration of genres of the past (members of Elton John’s band are present on this record, and Rob Alexander often draws comparisons to Neil Diamond), there are plenty of contemporary moments. Alt-rock energy fills the darker “Friend of Mine (Elton’s Epic)” which rises with a comforting authority. It’s clear that Rob Alexander is a master of composition. 

Being Myself was released on November 25th, 2019. To hear more from Rob Alexander, you can find him on his Spotify and Facebook page.

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