Ronjo V – Ronjoism (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan had a dream to make music together. After meeting in Arkansas, they relocated to Austin, Texas and opened 5th St. Studios, a chance to hone their mixing and production skills as they crafted their own unique sound: the sound of Ronjo V. The new album, Ronjoism, is an excellent alt-rock creation with an atmospheric almost-shoegaze twist. From haunting to melancholy to delicate, Ronjoism covers so many bases that it would be difficult not to find something to enjoy.

The atmospheric but unresting “Dying Wish” opens the EP with skilled guitar and a sharp energy. “Slo Motion” — a highlight — has perhaps more conventional alternative rock atmosphere, but retains the Radiohead-esque bittersweetness. The track feels surprisingly aware of its own surroundings. “A.G.L.S.” uses a slower build and cool, clear vocals to bring emphasis to the reflective lyrics.

“Caught” continues the slowed-down trend but adds a delicate quality with a piano line that seems to trickle onto the track. The sound of water closes the track, and in a perfect transition, opens “You’re Not the First”, which returns to earlier rock energy with a slow-jam of a guitar line. Finally, we have the quick and poignant “Un-Friend” which features lyrics that reflect the current era of uncertainty, but — perhaps ironic in relation to the title — is a friendly song hoping the best in love and life for another. A positive note to end the EP on.

You can hear three of the six tracks on Ronjoism above, or hear the whole album on Spotify, or on iTunes. You can also follow the project on the website, Facebook page, and SoundCloud to hear more and keep up with news.

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