Roy Wood$ release$ visual$ for “Get You Good”

Paula Truscott, 4 years ago
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Today I’m moving to Toronto, so sharing Roy Wood$ new video seems kinda right. Seriously, there must be something in the water out in the 6, cos they’re breeding a bangin’ new breed of R&B dudes that rap too (or rap dudes that sing too, I can’t decide) like yung Woods himself, Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez. Having dropped his EP Exis in July, the OVO artist has finally unleashed (see what I did there) visuals for Get You Good. The video is oh-so OVO (watch Majid Jordan’s My Love video and you’ll see what I mean) and suits Roy’s super sexy lyrics to a tee, especially when the video takes a paranormal turn and bae begins levitating within a ring of fire out in the desert, presumably symbolising how spellbound she is with the D. Damn… Roy got her good.

You can stream Exis here and catch Roy on the Cloud, while I eagerly wait on OVO’s doorstep for their next newcomer.

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