Russ – “Always Knew”

Jarret Armstrong, 4 years ago
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It’s been a monumental year for the rap industry so far. Nearly every big name in the industry has already released or will be releasing a major album in 2015. This is great news for rap fans, but not so much for aspiring rappers. With all the big releases, it’s hard for the up-and-comings to make noise. It takes talent and a plethora of perseverance to rise above the rubble and be heard. Russ is here to prove that he has plenty of both. The rapper/producer is constantly working to put out top notch songs nearly every week.  His latest work, “Always Knew”, is a particularly personal track, in which Russ discusses the major role that confidence plays in his rap career. The most noticeable feature of the track is the seamless pairing of his own beat with powerful lyrics, which work together to create a truly pleasant sound that’s not easily found elsewhere. Russ is here to stay so buckle down and try to keep up with his endless supply of masterpieces by following his Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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