Ryan Rebo – “Boogieman” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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After releasing music as Man at War, Ryan Rebo has decided to take back his own name in order to create music that, perhaps unexpectedly, polishes away some of the DIY vibes of his previous sound. In no way does this imply his new project is any less sincere: “Boogieman”, from his upcoming album 7 Songs in the Key of Z, takes the musical knowledge Rebo has collected and pairs it with a visual representation of living with anxiety.

The track is reminiscent of the smooth and catchy melodies of Bleachers. There is a New Wave appreciation for synths and clear vocal melodies here. The heavier lyrics, which are dressed in worry, give an authenticity to the shining pop, as does the guitar focus. By the time the resonant bells pulse through the bridge, the depth is unlike any synth-pop track you’ve heard before.

Fuelled by the melody, the video has an air of comedy to it in the simplified and everyday moments that Rebo faces. From his morning routine to stumbling in late to a meeting at work to wandering a party with a beer in hand, his character is entirely relatable. Haven’t we all felt as though our boss, the guy singing karaoke in the corner, or the watcher from the side of the road is out to get us? For Rebo, the fear is real. When he makes it back home he realizes that the anxiety was always within himself. The tune concludes with an addictive quality that will make you want to hear it all over again.

To hear more from Ryan Rebo as we await 7 Songs in the Key of Z, you can find him on his website and Bandcamp, as well as his Facebook page.

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