Saint Blake – Voice of A Saint (EP)

JonFromJersey, 1 year ago
EP & Mixtapes

Saint Blake arrives onto the scene with his first musical offering, Voice of a Saint. With production handled exclusively by the Saint himself, the debut offers a distinct sound with roots in trap, alternative and traditional hip hop. Bright guitars and aggressive synths contrast with soft keys and delicate pads creating a diverse landscape for him to traverse.

Crooning the new age blues, Saint Blake explores a range of topics including love, perseverance, compassion and pain. On Wish it Away he details his struggles with depression and loss of loved ones. Dark Rooms provides a moody anthem for those consumed with an intoxicated lifestyle. With eight tracks spanning over a run time of 27 minutes, Voice of a Saint offers a palpable emotion and unique bounce exclusive to this young, emerging artist.

Listen below.

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