Sara Kashani & Kiing Sky Blend Hip-Hop/R&B In Their New 6-track EP “Bay City Love”

JonFromJersey, 2 years ago
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Sara Kashani and Kiing Sky are an eclectic duo, who are breaking ground in a major way! Currently in the Hip Hop and R&B genres there are few artists who are in unison in delivering a different sound, all-the-while providing a soulful melodic sound that shows much more than a duo, but two souls intertwined by love and music.

With Sara Kashani being a Bay Area born and resided artist, and Kiing Sky being a artist from New York, their collaboration is a special one, where both artists are working hard to spread the word on both coasts. They dropped their debut single “Candy On the Drop” in late July, and have since recorded a 6 track EP titled “Bay City Love”, and they have officially taken this show on the road!

With their debut project “Bay City Love”, which was released December 18th, highlights a love story between the two artists. They are both young and talented artists, who are hungry for life and in love.

This project has deep meaning for both artists, as they are both extremely talented and have the whole world in front of them. They say despite obstacles they both are committed in making their relationship and music career work out. The energy from them both in person is very uplifting, and the energy of good vibes and positivity is contagious.

Expect more content from the duo to soon follow this fresh new collection of vibes. Videos, performances, and etc are sure to come. Tune in below for the latest from their King Sky & Sara Kashani and their new EP.

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