Sara Ontaneda displays vulnerability and warmth in “Separated by the Sea” video

Kaitlin Ruether, 6 months ago
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In a lovely act of kindness and camaraderie, Sara Ontaneda’s fans sent her polaroid photos. The images are featured in Ontaneda’s new clip “Separated by the Sea”, a track that was evoked out of love for her brother but that strikes a relevant chord in the era of social distancing. 

The New York-based Ontaneda worked through WhatsApp with video director and editor Génesis Castillo, and before that had sent the song to her brother in Ecuador to be produced. These moments of connection through distance inform the song, which is tinged with regret under the warmth of the vocals. 

“Separated by the Sea” is the third single from Sara Ontaneda’s upcoming bilingual album Experimento. Here, there is a jangle to the lush guitar. Folk and pop come together for a sweet melancholy. In the clip, Ontaneda has a retro look as she shares her own space with her fans, a gesture of intimacy to match the images that she showcases. 

To hear more from Sara Ontaneda, you can find her on her Spotify, Bandcamp, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter for more music and news. 

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