Scarlet Sails – “Hideaway” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Scarlet Sails works with images and stories. The band’s name comes, fittingly, from a 1923 novel by Alexander Grin in which a young woman dreams of being swept away by a prince sailing under scarlet sails. It’s with this sense of romanticism and power that this four-piece ensemble have crafted an aesthetic — and it’s a unique one.

The music of Scarlet Sails is lyrical and intense, and their latest single, “Hideaway”, is no exception. The track — which is the first single released of a series to be released through 2018 — has a level dynamic, putting emphasis on the vocals and rhythm and creating something almost hypnotic. The accompanying clip takes place in a Victorian house showing signs of decay. Vocalist Olya Viglione sprawls out among torn pages and paper stars, becoming encased in her emotions as the music sweeps through. There is a level of magic to it all, and something tragic that is cured once the debris clears and she understands that her love has been near the whole time.

This restrained levels of the track carry an emotional weight that resonates, and the romantic aesthetic of the video is nothing short of a perfect pairing.

To hear more from Scarlet Sails, you can find them on their website, Bandcamp, and Facebook page. You can also follow the band on Twitter.

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