Scott Chasolen – Living in Limbo (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 months ago
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Scott Chasolen has gained a following from playing in successful Pink Floyd and Chicago cover bands, but when he plays his own work, he is hailed for his skill on the piano and his emotional honesty.

When he found himself in a temporary living situation in which he didn’t have access to a piano, the songwriter found himself crafting new songs on the piano. Even with the restriction — or because because of it — the resulting record glimmers with candidness and tunes that linger. 

Living in Limbo opens with the moody sounds of strumming guitar setting a pace. Chasolen’s vocals pour over “Limbo”, which is clear and has an emphasis on story. The gentleness here might not be what you would expect from someone who leads classic rock cover projects, but the tone feels intimate. 

“Springtime in the City” is a classic celebration of New York you might expect from someone who is making their life there as an artist, but the melancholic complexity of the piano carries a melody that remains. Once strings come to soften the vocals, the song lifts up into something wider. “Northern Lights” showcases Chasolen’s vocals as the guitar makes a rhythmic return, and the cleverly titled closing track “Closer” finds a delicate air that pours love with every note. “We’re getting closer, searching for a love that’s true,” Chasolen sings, “and every single step brings me that much closer to you.”

To hear more from Scott Chasolen, you can find him on his SoundCloud and Facebook page. You can also follow the artist on Twitter

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