Scoville Unit – “Sidewalk” + “Beach Song” (Videos)

Kaitlin Ruether, 8 months ago
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There is a taste of nostalgia in the music of Scoville Unit. With vocals and electric guitar lines pulled to the forefront, the sound is clean and hook-loaded — reminiscent of the pop-punk catchiness of Green Day, but drawn into the current moment. The band’s videos match this aesthetic, moving between narrative and visuals of the band performing. It’s back-to-basics without any sense of being basic.

The catchy love track “Sidewalk” is brought to life in a skateboarder who moves slickly along the pavement before meeting up with his love interest. The clip is set in the suburbs, making you feel as though the characters are making the most of their microcosmic world — just as the band does as they hang out together. 

“Beach Song” is a self aware track featuring the lyrics, “Maybe I’ll never know what went wrong. Maybe I’ll figure it out in song”. In this clip, the camera follows a surfer — played by Eimanne Zein — as she combs the beach for artifacts that contain memories of the past, and eventually jumps into the water on her surfboard. The magic lingers in both the setting and concept.

The cusp between summer and autumn is the perfect time to experience these two clips, which hang in the precarious balance. “Beach Song” is a celebration of summertime, while “Sidewalk” pulls us forward, into the cooler street days of fall. But whatever season (or type of boarding) you’re into, the hooks of Scoville Unit will surely wind you in. 

To hear more from Scoville Unit, you can find them on their website, BandCamp, and Facebook page as we await their September 6th release. You can also follow the band on Instagram.

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