Sean Darin – “California” feat. Kállay Saunders (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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For all of the lively beauty of California — the crash of the ocean, the sunshine, the vibrant people — there exists a complicated connection to non-permanence. European artist Sean Darin knows this firsthand. Teaming up with Hungarian-American singer and songwriter Kállay Saunders, “California” is an ode to nostalgia, to holding onto the past, and to dreaming of a bright future.

“California” is smooth. At first, the low-key snapping beat and understated hooks make you feel like the song is a summer jam, but as it washes over you, the sense of an ending becomes clear, and it perfectly suits the current transition into fall. The video plays up the inevitability of ends and beginnings by showing a day as it turns to night, only to end once more with the sun on the ocean. A new beginning. Culture and emotions are tied together in the place where dreams can come true. “California” is a love letter, but every good love letter needs a touch of longing.

To hear more from Sean Darin, you can find him on his Twitter, Facebook page, and Instagram. You can also find Kállay Saunders on Facebook

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