Secondborn – Symbols (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Louisiana band Secondborn is made up of six members who are all too familiar with the fickleness of the music industry. After a handful of projects that nearly made it, the group have found themselves fed up with playing by someone else’s rules. They’ve taken their future into their own hands.

Their upcoming EP, Symbols, was completely self-funded, which is astonishing in how polished each song is. The mix of industry know-how and pure talent creates a blend of pop-punk and straight-up rock that is simply pleasing, though the songs are anything but simple. The first track, “Say Love” has what can only be described as an all-over melody. A playful and old-school rock guitar characterizes the track. In fact, it’s the layers of guitars that seem to give Secondborn their original flair. You can listen to the track with its accompanying lyric video right here. The drums and vocals — notable on “Wolves and Hounds” — won’t be forced into the background. Delicate piano on “In Winter” pulls in some diversity, and “Kings Blood” gives an indie touch by playing with the juxtaposition of gentle and rock. The best tracks on the EP are those that bring something surprising into the strong rock base the band has mastered. Taken all together, Symbols refuses to take anything but the full attention of the listener.

But you can see all of this for yourself on June 2nd, 2015, when Symbols is released. For now, the band has released their first single, “When Lions Dream”, which you can hear above. The song is another example of the organized chaos that Secondborn do so well. Fast-paced trade-off vocals play along with the ever present atmospheric guitar. Melody is a trickle that eventually seeps in. Like what you’re hearing? Follow the band on their website, Facebook, and Soundcloud for more as you wait for the official release.


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